Summer Camps for Girls – Only!

An all-girl summer camp might offer a unique experience for your daughter.  We asked some camps why are all-girls camps so great and different and here’s what Aby Ryan, CEO and Founder of Athena Camps, told us:

  • They teach girls to learn from and respect each other’s differences
  • Offer an opportunity for girls to encourage and be encouraged by other girls and women
  • Girls are more willing to try new things and be themselves in an all girls environment
  • Girls develop new, diverse, and lasting friendships beyond school
  • Girls learn from and bond with strong role models
  • The entire camp experience is tailored to girls preferences and learning styles.

Tennis.We_RockAthena Camps-Sports, Creativity & Girl Power: Athena Camps are designed to empower and build confidence in girls, ages 6 to 11, through self-expression and personal connections. Sports are really important at Athena Camps in order to emphasize skill development, and character building. These sports teach goal setting, perseverance, and teamwork. Some of the main sports are: Tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer, yoga, and running. Creativity is also an essential part of Athena Camps. Girls are encouraged to use their unique creativity on different art projects every single day. Some examples are: Journal making, Hope Boxes, Dream Catchers, Friendship bracelets, and much more! Daily, girls receive positive affirmations from coaches and new found friends. When girls attend Athena Camps, they are happy, confident, courageous, and extremely eager to return!

See Athena Camps’ locations and schedules!

SpyGabbyWalkTalkieCamp is offering a couple of weeks exclusively for girls! All-day Squads of 12 kids maximum are led by educator Matt Martin, founder of BrainBounce.  Spy Camp training includes: Gadget & Gizmo making, Rock Climbing (at Mission Cliffs), Martial Arts training, Indoor Ski & Snowboard training (on Endless Slope), Surveillance, Code breaking & Map design, Team Capture Games, and Outdoor Field Missions.

We had a chance to talk to founder Sarah Cooper recently about why she created the Girl-Only weeks and whats so special about them.  Read the interview.

Ice_Skating_3Girls on the Go: Girls on the Go Camp gives girls the opportunity to explore, imagine, and connect with one another and the beautiful BayArea.  Girls on the Go campers receive coaching on how to safely navigate the public transit system.   Weekly interactive workshops with women with special knowledge and talent in the arts, science, movement, and environment provide for extra fun and expose girls to opportunities for their lives.  Girls have summer days filled with spontaneous and planned adventure and chances to try out new and familiar activities. Different outings include: Ice-skating, bowling, mini-golfing, baseball games, boating at Lake Merritt, and more! Campers range in age from 9-13.

See Girls on the Go’s locations and schedules.

Alexa_Slider01Alexa Café: Alexa Café was designed with girls ages 10-14 in mind. Alexa Café acknowledges the  pervasive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) gender gap, and seek to remedy it with a chic, collaborative learning environment focused on girls. The Café emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurship, brand identity, and philanthropy. All students get a personalized 1- on- 1 instruction. Girls work with industry-standard hardware and software, kick-start their own 1-for-1 social movements, and bring their new skills and ideas into the real world.

Take a look at Alexa Café’s locations and schedules. 

More All-Girl Camps:

Go Girls! Camp is where girls make and perform their own plays that allow them to learn and practice the essential social/emotional skills. Campers range from 1st graders to 6th graders!

Girl Scouts has exciting and fun activities that build self-esteem, enhance teamwork, develop skills and increase awareness towards our environment! Each camp is unique and offers a place for self-discovery, laughter, and personal growth. Campers range from ages 5-17!

Girls Inc. encourages girls to learn, explore, make friends, and most of all have fun! The camp inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Campers range from 6-12 years old!

Camp H’s summer and after-school programs include hands-on activities like cutting plywood with a jigsaw, fusing metal with a welder, and creating projects of personal and social relevance. The camp inspires creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, and problem solving. Campers range from ages 9-12.

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