Meet our Parent Hero!

parent hero

Meet Elaine, a parent and an entrepreneur from Palo Alto. Elaine is very familiar with summer camp planning and starts the process early January each year. She has been researching summer camps even before her kids, now 8 and 5, were ready for it. Elaine has relatives visiting from Asia every summer and for the last ten years, she has been helping them find and enroll in summer camps. These visiting families like to enroll their children into different summer programs to help them learn new skills, enhance their English language, and get better at various sports. Elaine helps about 10 families from Asia every year to find camps of varied interests and age groups. Until about 3 years ago, she used to spend countless hours scouring through newspapers, magazines, parent group forums, and asking friends for camp recommendations. She used to create a mini database listing of all the classes and sort them by different categories, prices, and locations. It was a long and tedious process! But Elaine did it every year so that her nieces and nephews had a wonderful learning experience.

happy campersIn 2011, Elaine found ActivityHero and her life got significantly easier since then! She loves ActivityHero’s easy user interface that makes her camp search a breeze compared to her previous experience. She no longer has to go hunting for camp related information in several different places and is able to find everything she needs in one central place. Through ActivityHero she gets information of the various sports camps, English writing, science, and arts for kids ranging from ages of 3 to 13 years all in one place. Most importantly, she can register for all these camps through ActivityHero and does not have to contact the various camps individually or login to various sites. ActivityHero is Elaine’s one stop shop for all her research, planning, and enrollments. It has helped her save at least 30 hours of planning time and given her access to new and unique summer camps that she might not have found otherwise. She can instead spend that valuable time doing what she loves. Elaine is extremely excited for all the time and effort ActivityHero saves her each year.

Elaine, we are glad to hear your story and happy to be of help to you! We look forward to continue assisting parents like you!


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