Got a pretty funny kid? We’ve found the comedy camp for you!

Updated March 2019 !!


Improv , is a camp where you can share all the million zany characters with the world? If you are interested in Stand-up or Sketch Comedy? Or you watch Improv on TV and think, “I can do that!” This Improv class is the perfect place to develop those skills! In 8 weeks, we will learn classic improv acting techniques, then apply those techniques as a team to build whole scenes no one person could have thought of alone! With a focus on character development, teamwork, and improv games, students will not only have a great time, they will develop skills they can utilize during any and every performance.

Summer Camp KidsLittle Champs Public Speaking Camp covers a wide range of topics including first impressions, the art of conversation, impromptu speaking, gestures, comedy, and more! Curriculum establishes a firm foundation for communication and prepares students for every public speaking situation.

“Comedy is the language of bridging experience, fear, and overcoming obstacles. It is the most useful tool known to the human spirit!!

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1 Response to Got a pretty funny kid? We’ve found the comedy camp for you!

  1. Rahul Mallik says:

    Hi…I’m looking for comedy/Improve classes for teens in the Bay Area for Summer 2016. Do you offer any? Thanks.

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