Drop-in Summer Camps

Updated April 2019 !!

Sometimes, a full week of summer camp doesn’t fit into the schedule, or the budget.  Luckily, some camps offer partial weeks or daily rates to accommodate various needs.

Below are a few examples of San Francisco Bay Area camps which offer more options than just weekly registration.  A couple are so flexible you could actually drop your child off at the last minute for a day of camp.  Most require some pre-paid days, registration, and/or some notice so they make sure the camp is properly staffed.  At a few camps the one-day registration process may not be very clear on their website, so don’t hesitate to call them for help.  We find summer camp folks to be pretty friendly!

Camp Doodles
doodlesThree locations in Marin, plus now three convenient pick-up locations in San Francisco,  provides many Camp Doodle options.  Register for any number of weeks or days. Their whole-summer option is Approx $1800, plus a bit more for extended care.  Optional hot lunch is available for purchase at all locations.  Camp day runs from 9:00am – 4:00pm, with earlier/later pick-up/drop-off from San Francisco.

Andy Harader Tennis
andystenniscamp.comThis camp in Palo Alto, for kids 7-16,  has a daily rate of $70 available.  You can register in advance on their website to let them know the dates you are planning to attend.  This sounds like a perfect option if you have another full week of tennis camp and want to add on a few more days for extra practice. Camp is half-day only, 9am – 12pm.

GrowFit Camp
andystenniscamp.comGrowFit offers introductory classes designed to inspire children to be active by teaching them basic sports skills through the spirit of play. Our children have fun learning developmentally appropriate sports skills by engaging in imaginative games and scrimmages. .

All the Western Athletic Club Camps also offer daily rates.WAC_Racquet_Sports_Camps


CD’s Kids Art Studio,  San Jose
Always Learning and Growing, San Francisco
STEMful, San Francisco
Maker’s Studio, San Francisco and Los Altos

Adventure Camps, San Francisco

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