Bay Area Sports Camps

Updated April 2022 !!

In the Bay Area there is an endless number of sports camps to send your child to, all of them providing healthy and enjoyable benefits. Living in the San Francisco area in the summer means you are lucky enough to have a dry summer without the threats of bad weather. This means it is the ideal time to send your kids outdoors to play sports in the California sunshine.

Sports teach kids the importance of teamwork and cooperation as well as hard-work and persistence. Those traits combined with that fact that your child is getting daily exercise and channeling their energy in a positive way makes sports camps the ideal choice for any energetic child.

If you are unsure what type of sport is right for you child, you can send them to a multi- sports camp, like Super Soccer Stars Camp or Girls Leading Girls, that give kids a taste of every sport and activity. There are always the traditional soccer, basketball, or tennis camps that can be found at most local colleges and high schools. Also, if you child wants to be involved in two of the fastest growing west-coast sports, you could send him or her to a field hockey camp or lacrosse camp.

Horse Riding Camps

Summer is a unique opportunity for kids to try out sports that are not available to them through the school year – like Horseback Riding! There are several local day camps where kids can learn about riding and basic horsemanship. In the south bay: Castle Rock Arabians Camp and Spring Down Equestrian Center.

Whatever sport it is, being outdoors in the summer is where kids want to be. Let them have fun in a safe an organized way and send them to a sports camp!

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