Veterans Day Camps in the SF Bay Area

With the busy days leading up to Halloween, it’s been easy to forget that kids have a Veterans Day holiday and school is closed. If you haven’t already found a one day camp for Veterans Day it’s not too late – there are still lots of great options out there!

See All Bay Area Veterans Day Camps

Some of the options you’ll find on ActivityHero:

Hi-Five Sports Club in San Franciscoamerican flag pexels-photo-457563
Ingenium Enrichment in Redwood City
in Alameda
Wheel Kids Walnut Creek & San Francisco
Legarza Basketball in San Carlos
Brushstrokes Studio in Berkeley
Silicon Valley Tennis in San Carlos
BrainVyne Lego Camp in Palo Alto
Creative IQ Arts Studio in San Francisco
FUZE Fit in Los Gatos and San Jose
GrowFit in Redwood City

For more camps, search for the latest schedules on ActivityHero using our date search.

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