Summer Camps for Bay Area Teens

Summer vacation is the highlight of any teenager’s year.  It’s also an opportunity to do what they love while helping them build their skills.

Your teenager may have already attended many various camps throughout the course of their life. Why not let them have a completely new and exciting experience? Many camps look for teenagers for assistance in running their camps. These camps give teenagers the perfect opportunity to sharpen their skills and prepare for the road ahead of them.

There are various camps that will match your teenager’s needs, whether he or she wants to be a camp assistant or an attendee.

TechKnowHow: This Computer and Lego camp has brand-new curriculum specially designed for teenagers up to 16 years old. Arduino Electronics & Unity 3D Game Design teaches teenagers how to code, build interactive electronics, and even develop a 3D game! This camp requires teenagers to have basic computer skills (typing, using Windows), and be able to work independently.Techknowhow arduino

See TechKnowHow’s camp locations and schedules.

TechKnowHow also offers internship positions. An ideal intern (AKA Counselor in Training) at TechKnowHow is passionate about technology, responsible and loves working with children. An interview is given to prepare teenagers for future job interviews. Once an assistant at TechKnowHow, teenagers begin to strengthen their skills and build valuable connections. A letter of completion is given to every intern at the end of summer. This letter is valuable for future college and job applications. Being intern also means that there is an opportunity to become a future instructor at TechKnowHow.  Read  more about the intern program.

Destination Science has a Leaders in Training (LIT) program that offers extremely valuable leadership experience. Leaders in Training is the perfect program for any teenager that has already attended Destination Science as a child or anybody who wants to strengthen their leadership skills! An ideal candidate must be responsible for his or her actions, be a role model for younger campers, be kind, dedicated, helpful, energetic, and enforce safety precautions. See more about Destination Science LIT program. Or check out their camps for K-5th grade.

Spartans Sports Camp: Keep your teen healthy and in shape by sending them to Spartans Sports Camp’s Strength and Agility Summer Camp! This camp offers various different techniques that will improve overall athletic performance, speed, agility, and injury prevention. Spartans Sports Camp offers a variety of different camps that your teen can enjoy!

Lekha Writing Center: Does your teen love to write? Or does your teen need extra writing coaching?  Lehka Writing Center also offers many camps to fit your teenager’s needs.

SF_Counseling_Center_SFSUSF Clinical Camp is a unique opportunity for high school student interested in Clinical Psychology to learn from real practicing Clinicians. In a small, seminar-style setting, teens will explore concepts relevant to the world of clinical psychology in a fun and engaging atmosphere. They will explore concepts like the unconscious, how we have changed, and how our view of the world has changed. Discussions will include current TV shows in light of psychological principles and we will also look at possible psychological functions of FaceBook and social media.

Teens who love computer games, music,video or photography can learn to make their own digital and computer creations.  There are 1-2 week sessions at Digital Media Academy Summer Computer Camps and iD Tech Camps & Academies  Both offer a wide variety of camps and they fill up quickly. 

For a spin on science, Celsius and Beyond offers unique camps such as Surgery and Ballistics.

To expand photo skills beyond the cell phone camera consider a photography camp at Rayko Photo Center or Kathi O’Leary Photography.

Musicians have several options for rock camps at SF Rock Project (San Francisco), School of Rock (San Mateo, Palo Alto, and San Jose) and Summer Rock Camp (Palo Alto).

Thrill seekers can get a great experience surfing or skateboarding. Stinson Beach Surf Camps offers 1/2 day or full day surf camps to try out one day or the whole summer. San Francisco Skate Club and offers skateboarding camps to work on skills and learn from other skateboarders.

There are also overnight camps for teens in the Bay Area and beyond:
Camp Chrysallis – Hiking in Northern CA
Two Rivers Soccer & Lacrosse Camp in Graegle, Ca, transport from San Francisco available
Camp Tawonga – Family & Overnight Camps in Groveland, CA
Science Camps of America – Explore volcanoes, forests, oceans, skies in Hawaii
JCC Maccabi – Baseball, Basketball, Soccer & Tennis

You can find more camps for teens and other ages on ActivityHero.  Search by age to find the perfect camp!


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