New kids classes and activities for the new school year

You’ve done your back-to-school shopping, your kids have returned to school, and now what’s left?  Is it time to consider some new after-school activities?  Do you want to return to the same classes or try something new or more advanced?

Evaluating and pruning your child’s activities is a little like the process of sorting through their old clothes.  You should do it every 6 months to assess whether it still fits or if you need more of it.  Maybe this analogy isn’t perfect, but the idea is to bucket your child’s activities into one of three categories:

Love it:  Find more time to do it, maybe jump to the next level with advanced classes or private coaches/teachers

Like it:  Keep it going, but consider what it would take to get to the Love it stage.

Hate it:  Is it time to stop?  Look for something new, and consider what didn’t work about the last activity and what might be a better fit.

Here are a few new activities to consider:

Sports classes

Lil Sluggers baseball classses – ages 2-7 in San Francisco, Burlingame, and San Jose

Lil Sluggers Baseball

BodyzMind – Fitness for girls in San Francisco

It’s Yoga, Kids – yoga in San Francisco

SF Skate Club – Skateboarding classes

Dance classes

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts – dance and cultural classes in San Francisco

Presidio Dance – many forms of dance and ballet in San Francisco

Art & hands-on classes

Y.U.M. Chefs – kids cooking classes in San Francisco

SF Zoo Little Learners

Pixie Hall – Art and creative classes in San Francisco

Tinkering – Engineering classes in San Francisco

SF Zoo – Animal and nature programs in San Francisco

Find more classes near you on

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