Summer Camps for Teens

It’s the start of summer and are you wondering what your teenager is going to do?

The good news is there are plenty of high school camp options out there for teens to enjoy.  No matter what your interests or goals after high school, these camps can help you accelerate your skill set, or even just plain have fun and relax this summer.

SF_Counseling_Center_SFSUSF Clinical Camp is a unique opportunity for high school student interested in Clinical Psychology to learn from real practicing Clinicians. In a small, seminar-style setting, teens will explore concepts relevant to the world of clinical psychology in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  They will explore concepts like the unconscious,  how we have changed, and how our view of the world has changed. Discussions will include current TV shows in light of psychological principles and we will also look at possible psychological functions of Face Book and social media.

flowers2-27-2011Want your young comedian to hone their craft? This summer, Susanna Spies’ Comedy Playground, the well-loved youth program from the Hollywood Improv is now in Mill Valley.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Program  include Yoga, various types of dance, Arts & Crafts, Martial Arts, Theater, Music, Fashion Design, Literature & Poetry in Spanish, Capoeira, Percussion, and more.  4-week summer sessions for $325.

To expand photo skills beyond the cell phone camera consider a photography camp at Kathi O’Leary Photography.

Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club is another way to get involved with sports and leadership.  While the camps are geared toward younger campers, teens can enjoy the camp experience by volunteering as a counselor-in-training.

ArtWorks Summer Workshops and Art Camps are ideal for those aged 9 to 16, and give you a chance to be re-inspired by art or provide the opportunity to try something new. Class options include cartooning, drawing exploration, mixed media sculpting and more.  Dancing Paintbrush offers art camps in Berkeley.

Other creative outlets include Rock Band camp at BandWorks and jewelry making at Dragonfly Designs.

Thrill seekers can get a great experience surfing or skateboarding.  Stinson Beach Surf Camps offers 1/2 day or full day surf camps to try out one day or the whole summer.  San Francisco Skate Club and Society offer skateboarding camps to work on skills and learn from other skateboarders.

Tutor Corps is the answer to enrichment programs that parents desire for their teens over the summer, but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend. Yes, teens reading this know that academics aren’t exactly the ideal summer vacation, but when you get into a good college – you can thank your mom AND your summer camp teachers.

San Francisco Clinical Camp offers teenagers an opportunity to immerse in the world of psychology and explore concepts like dream interpretation and the psychological function of FaceBook.

Academic Chess campers can not only get chess experience but also take yoga, gymnastics or theatre, and participate in Friday tournaments that come with pizza and trophies. Ages 6-18 welcome.  For the techie teen, iD Tech or Digital Media Academy offers 1-2 week immersive expereinces in gaming, design, programming, and everything else digital.

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