Tilt Summer Film Camp Teaches Media Literacy

Tilt Summer Film Camp is a great place for kids to learn the ins and outs of the filming industry. Not every child will be director, and this camp realizes that with its intensive sessions on everything from filming to final editing. Recently SignUpForCamp.com spoke to Robyn Bykofsky about Tilt’s summer programs, and what families can expect to get out of it!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you started the camp

A:  I have been actively involved with TILT at Ninth Street Independent Film Center (participating in its first teacher-training workshop in December of 1999, instructing several of dozens of media literacy/video production workshops, developing curriculum, consulting with the design of TILT’s new website, and now taking on the role of the Youth Media Manager).  Throughout the year TILT partners with community-based organizations.  TILT has been teaching young people media literacy through hands-on video production for over 15 years. TILT’s Summer Film Camp is a newer program, celebrating its 5th year last summer

Q: Are there any special lessons or experiences you are trying to provide during the camp?

A: TILT, the Youth Program of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, teaches young people the fundamentals of movie making and media literacy through hands-on training in video production. TILT programs empower young people to tell their own stories, to work collaboratively, and to become lifelong learners.  Our summer program allows teens to gain exceptional experience in an intimate setting, with professional filmmakers and educators. Teens have gone on to win awards, with work screened at film festivals, and enter top university film programs such as NYU, UCLA, and USC.

Q: What surprises/delights the kids (or parents) most about your camp?

A: TILT Summer Film Camp is more than video production training – teens learn to become critical consumers and producers of media. TILT programming delivers specialized lesson plans, expert instruction, experienced staff, and inspired collaborative projects that support a holistic view of 21st century teaching and learning.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Some quotes from parents whose kids have been to the camp:

  • [My son]felt a deep sense of accomplishment and was proud of his work that he did. Learning the basics of the editing program, working collaboratively on shoots and overcoming fears such as being in front of a camera were powerful life lessons.
  • The staff was great, very supportive, intuitive and able to help kids with the normal stumbling blocks of doing a first production.  Hey, I graduated from the Motion Picture and Television School at UCLA and I was really impressed to see that students completed such great work in three weeks.  A great camp!
  • After a few short weeks they fired her up to such an extent she started making Films and never stopped.  Becoming a Director or a Cinematographer is her dream.
  • Tilt’s summer film camp was an excellent opportunity for my fourteen-year-old son to explore his interest in filmmaking. He learned the process of video production and was able to showcase his work in a professional setting with a screening and participated in a Q & A panel. I was struck by the quality of work and use of technique in the students’ short films and the commitment of the instructors. In addition there was a great sense of camaraderie amongst the students who collaborated on projects together and supported each other in their own individual films from acting to helping with the film shoot.
  • It helped to boost his self-esteem and find a way to project his voice and deepen his understanding of filmmaking.  With the experience he gained at Tilt he now continues to pursue his interest in digital media. Thanks to Tilt for providing a platform for youth to create and be heard.
  • My daughter, Linden Bengtson,[attends] the Tisch undergraduate film school at NYU this fall.  I want to thank you for all the incredible support and guidance you provided her during and after her TILT summers.

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