Traditional Summer Camp with a Twist

Marin Day Camp offers a traditional summer camp program, which among the many specialized camps available, makes it a totally unique experience all over again. For families looking to send their kids to the comforting and fun environment of old-school summer camp with some new twists, Marin Day Camp is a great option. Recently Mike from Marin Day Camp gave an insider look at their camp routine and special info.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you started the camp

A: We don’t stress anyone individual starting the camp we rather prefer to stress the type of camp we are. Marin Day Camp is a traditional program based on the east coast model of camps where bonding and activities are the focal point of the program. Campers experience many different activities to get a well-rounded experience. Our sessions are longer so that lesson progression can allow the campers to complete levels of abilities in activities such as swimming, tennis and sailing. Our longer sessions also allow campers to bond more with their fellow campers and their counselors to form lifelong friendships and memories

Q: Are there any special lessons or experiences you are trying to provide during the camp?

A: We offer lessons in swimming, tennis and sailing so that campers may form lifelong healthy hobbies. Where swimming is concerned this is also an added benefit to the parent because they are getting 2 services for their tuition no longer do they have to take their child to Saturday swim lessons as we provide these. We also have a one night campout for the campers to enhance the traditional camp experience with star gazing, campfire and s’mores.

Q: What surprises/delights the kids (or parents) most about your camp?

A: Campers enjoy being someplace where they are comfortable, accepted and recognized and our session length provides the feeling that it’s their camp and they are among friends. Counselors are required to know each campers first name by the end of the first day and only use their first name and not “buddy” or “pal” so that the camper feels a part of their group and camp. Parents love seeing their child excited to go to camp each day because they want to not have to. Parents also like our service oriented program especially our door to door transportation.

Q: Do you have any new and/or exciting features that have been added to your camp this year?

A: All of our camp activities are exciting from Archery to the rock climbing wall to the pottery wheel. and since we offer all activities in an instructive manner, campers are always excited to learn new activities or progress and excel in some old favorites.

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