Become a Tech Ninja this Summer!

Technology is more popular than ever with kids as we learn in an exciting time of social networking and computer advancement. Computer science and engineering continue to be in-demand majors at colleges all over the world, and even young children can begin to prepare for their future by simply joining up with one of many computer camps being offered over the summer months.

Camp EdTech – Located in San Francisco and in other cities around the greater bay area, this camp inspires 5th-9th graders to be creative and savvy in various genres of technical arts. Options include the design of video games, digital movies, soundtracks, and animation. The camps offer extended care hours and are hosted in partnership with the Children’s Creativity Museum. 

iD Tech Camps – Known as the world’s #1 summer technology program, kids aged 7-17 come to UC Berkeley to learn how to create video games, mobile apps, websites and 3D animations. Other subjects like Flash, robots, C++ and more are also available. Registrants also receive free year-round learning at campuses all across the United States.

Classroom Antics – These summer tech camps located in Ohio are perfect for kids aged 7-13. Children learn about various technologies including LEGO Robotics and animation. Register early to receive a discount.

Education Unlimited – Come to the Stanford University campus for a wide variety of camps that include a computer camp. Here students learn web design and software programming – a perfect opportunity to learn skills that are the most in demand in the bay area when it comes to career options.

San Francisco Friends – With five sessions available throughout the summer, kindergartners to 9th graders can enjoy learning web design, digital video and many other technological skills. As a Quaker-sponsored camp, children also learn important values like simplicity, community and equality.

Kids on Campus – This Pennsylvania camp enjoys two locations and leaves students feeling confident about their technology skills. Choose a week-long camp focus on everything from 3D computer modeling to an overview of Microsoft.

Galileo Summer Quest – With locations all over the bay area, this day camp provides students with plenty of chances to learn computer-based skills. These include video game design, web design and Lego robotics – all subjects kids will enjoy as they learn essential skills for someone located in the bay area’s technology hub of the world.

Summerside on the Hill – Springside Chestnut Hill Academy plays host to a variety of day camps for both boys and girls in preschool through high school. The camps are customized to each individual child in terms of length and focus, and can be arranged directly with the camp itself.

Lavner Camps – Finally, over in Pennsylvania, Laver Camps are thrilling kids all summer long with their multiple subjects and diverse demographic. Sibling discounts are provided and camp activities include video game programming and robotics.

Many of these camps offer more than one location, so if you aren’t based in a certain city mentioned, give them a call. Multiple locations allow them to serve kids from multiple regions, and you just may find the perfect match for you. Equip your child with technological training this summer that will change their life not only today, but in future endeavors as well.

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