Top 7 Mom Blog Posts About San Francisco Bay Area Summer Camps

With mom blogs currently trending all over cyberspace, there are plenty of posts to read on the good, bad and ugly of summer camp. From informative advice on prices and teaching quality, to just plain hilarious rants of camp days gone terribly wrong, below is a list of the best of the best when it comes to our very own San Franciscan moms blogging about their family’s summer adventures.

1. Caring for our kids: Summer camp, already?

Mom of two kids, Liz Farrell has some very helpful suggestions for moms who are overwhelmed by all the paper and electronic flyers that flood your homes, not to mention all the parent chatter, around summer camps this time of the year. For those who are perplexed, her simple and sensible suggestions are a very good place to start your planning.

2. The Mommy Files: The High Cost of Summer Camp

Bay Area mom Amy Graff pens The Mommy Files for In this post she unashamedly talks budgeting while still being choosy with where your child spends the summer. With money-saving advice and plenty of personal experience, her blog piece ranks high on the list when it comes to sage summer camp wisdom.

3. Technorati: Hey Summer Camp Directors, You Owe Me Interest!

Alix Mednauseum, who regularly blogs on her personal mom blog, wrote this great rant for Technorati a couple years back, but it still ranks at the top of Google searches. Why? Because it’s honest – camp can be expensive, the search and registration process can be exhausting, and when plans change there are consequences. Read her snarky and real take on summer camp plans.

4. FrogMom

Laure Latham, a mom who blogs about natural living and raising her daughters to appreciate the great outdoors and also the performing arts and cultural scene around their bay area home, has a camping section on her website. While she may occasionally advertise a summer camp, her blog is a great read for nature camps, family trip ideas as well as getting kids excited for what they may experience post-camp sendoff.

5. Frisco Kids

Debbie Kaplan, a San Francisco-based mom, has been profiling the latest summer camp finds on her blog Frisco Kids. From cooking camps to special needs destinations, she reviews and posts info on camps that are both unique in their offerings and local to those living in the bay.

6. Xiaolin Mom: Silicon Valley Summer Camp Planning Starts Now

Silicon Valley blogger Sheila is mom to a 6-year-old dancer and a 10-year-old athlete, which means camp is a big deal in her home. With this blog post, she promotes the Galileo Summer Camps (here’s a free week of camp at Galileo), which are locally based and host a wide range of interests. She touts the diversity, and also her kids’ screams of glee when the flyer arrived in the mail.

7. Last minute tips for selecting summer camps

Hyperlocal news blog site InMenlo interviews SignUpForCamp’s Peggy Chang about the right questions to ask a camp to investigate if it’s the right fit for your kid. As Peggy says, “There’s no need to settle for a camp that is less than a great fit for your family.”

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