Odd Arts- Taking Creativity to the Next Level

When you think of most camp art, you probably think of the beautiful macaroni masterpieces your child makes every year, or maybe the friendship bracelets and lanyards custom to most arts and crafts camps. Maybe you even think of the occasional drawing or painting, but some art camps are interested in not only having your child have creative pieces, but in having your child use creative mediums as well.

Places like the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga offer camps in claymation, ceramics, food art (yes, more complicated than macaroni), mask-making, eco-art and even storytelling to offer your child the opportunity to learn that art isn’t just on a 2-D surface.

Pacific Coast Kids in Palo Alto also hosts interesting art programs that meld the ideas of creative art and architecture. Lego camps, model camps, and jewelry making camps are all available and are all unique and creative just by the nature of their make-up!

If those other options don’t interest your child, one form of art is bound to catch the attention of any kid who likes to spend his or her Saturday mornings in front of the TV set, and that is cartoon art. Cartoon art camps like The Art Room in Lafayette or Lascaux Academy Art Camp in Belmont will teach your kids how to make and draw the cartoons they adore, or new ones they have thought of. Either way this entertaining and more specified, original spin on drawing will have children in-tune to their creative side while having fun.

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