Spend the Summer Dancing – Dance Camps for Your Child

The bay area is a collection of many different cultures, backgrounds, and interests. One of the best ways to unify everyone is through the appreciation of each culture and background, and one of the best ways we can do that is through the arts and our children. Arts, and especially dance, are an exciting activity that can bring kids together, get them active, and have them appreciate different aspects of different cultures. The Mona Kahn Dance Company’s camp include bollywood dance, bollyhop, and traditional indian folk dances.

If children are looking to express themselves in a healthy and beautiful manner, sending them to one of the many dance camps in the bay area could prove to be not only very fun for your child, but beneficial as well.

Tutu Camp is a local favorite, with locations in the city and Marin.

In the east bay at Kids ‘n Dance offers lots to choose from with both dance and musical theatre camps. Younger dancers will explore a theme throughout the week, make costumes, props and crafts to bring daily story dances to life. Older children learn a complete mini musical with all of the costumes, lights, microphones, and scenery in a fun, supportive, stress free environment. They have an incredible line-up this summer ranging from the Little Mermaid to Wicked! Click here to find their complete schedule.

Dance can be a powerful tool to bring kids and cultures together, not to mention it is really fun! Your children will not only enjoy partaking in dance camp, but you will be able to enjoy their later performances as well, where they will show off the skills they learned at camp.

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