Working in San Francisco- Full Day Camps in SF for Young Kids.

If you are a working parent in San Francisco, especially with young kids, it is important that you not only find a camp that your child will love, but one that is near where you work and one that accommodates younger children.

The best solution to this predicament is to find one of the many camps in the San Francisco area that is a full day camp, most of which offer early drop-off and late pick-up for parents who have longer work schedules.

The options for camps range from the well known academically and creatively themed Stratford School Summer Programs, to activity-based camps like gymnastic camp and martial arts camp.

There are also general and science camps that stimulate young children’s minds and promote the idea of exploration and discovery of nature. In addition, other academic camps that give kids a kick-start into the knowledge of foreign languages are available as well (French camp and Spanish camp).

So whether you want your child involved in a more active camp or a more creatively based academic camp, you can be sure to find a camp that is close to work and that also fits the needs of your young child.

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