Living by the Bay- Sailing and Rowing Camps

If you live in San Francisco or in the Bay Area, you’ll know how incredibly lucky you are to live in such a beautiful area by the bay. By living in such a unique area, you should take advantage of the bay and send your kids to one of the many sailing camps or rowing camps within miles of the heart of San Francisco!

The camps allow kids to explore the bay in a way they never have before, from the perspective of the water. There are camps for more experienced sailors, and for beginners, there are camps like Marin Yacht Club Sailing Education Adventure that are in a protected bay to ensure your child’s safety if he or she is a first time sailor.

If your child is looking for a more rigorous workout in the bay, their is also Stanford’s Rowing Camp south of San Francisco in Redwood City.

Both sailing and rowing are open to boys and girls, but the age requirements tend to by higher than most other camps (most age minimums are about 10 years old), since the children need to be able to swim and have the strength to row the boats and direct the sails.

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